Speed Ball Reflex Boxing Bag With Stand - Adults & Kids

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  • ALL IN ONE PUNCHING BAG WITH STAND: Set includes inflatable composite leather punching ball, inflatable pump, deluxe padded boxing gloves with re-closable straps to protect your hands, a sturdy base, and an adjustable stand from 126 to 146 cm high (4 increments)
  • BRING THE GYM HOME: Sets up in basements, garages, or spare rooms. Perfect for a socially distant, home gym for your boxing workout. The inflatable punching ball withstands moderate use, enhancing your reflexes and agility during a controlled workout
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNER USE: This set is great for adult beginners and kids. Build strength, tone your shoulders and arms, and aerobically work your entire body.
  • EASY SET UP: Includes easy to follow instructions for the base of the stand, which fills with sand or water to set firmly in place—tighten the inflatable punching ball at the top and the base at the bottom, carefully inflate your punching ball, and go.



  • Adjustable height 126-146 cm with 4 increments
  • 90 degree spring action
  • Composite leather inflatable punching ball
  • Adjustable base weight
  • Including inflatable pump and boxing gloves