Oryx Smart Tennis Ball Machine V2.0 with 120 Free Tennis Balls


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Remote Control




  1. Power button: Operate this button to control the power on and off of the remote control
  2. Start/Pause key: operate this key to start or pause the machine.
  3. Vertical elevation adjustment keys: operate these two keys to adjust the elevation angle of the serve up and down. Adjustment range: 1-3, 3 angles can be adjusted.
  4. Horizontal left-middle-right adjustment key: adjust the machine to serve to the left, middle or right side of the court
  5. Fixed-point mode: Operate this key to play from 1 fixed point on the court. Horizontal adjustments: left, middle, or right. Vertical adjustments: 3 level angles.
  6. Horizontal distribution mode: 4 horizontal swing serve modes. A) left and right, 2-point swing mode. B) left-middle 2-point swing mode. C) right-middle 2-point swing mode. D) left-middle-right 3-point swing mode.
  7. V-shaped two-point distribution mode: frontcourt-backcourt 2-point swing mode.
  8. V-shaped 3-point cycle mode: frontcourt-midfield-backcourt 3-point swing mode.
  9. Random mode: random serve mode.
  10. Cross Ball mode: Check out the next page.
  11. Ball rotation: Top Spin, 9 adjustments. Backspin, 9 adjustments.
  12. Speed function: Adjust the machine’s serving speed from 20-140 km/h

Cross Ball Mode:

2 Locations, 6 shooting plans: A-E / A-F / B-D / B-F / C-D / C-E


Horizontal Mode:

  1. Wide-narrow mode: 2 locations, 3 shooting plans. A1-A2 / D-A1 / D-A2
  2. Wide-mid-narrow: 3 locations, 1 shooting plan: A1-D-A
  3. Random Mode: random points in a horizontal line


Type V Mode 1:

  1. Type V, 4-point mode: 4 locations, 1 shooting plan: F-C-A-D
  2. 2-point straight line mode: 6 locations, 3 shooting plans: F-C / E-D / D-A


Type V Mode 2:

  1. Type V, 6-point mode: 6 locations, 1 shooting plan: C1-F-C-A-D-A1
  2. 3-point straight line mode: 9 locations, 3 shooting plans: C1-F-C / B1-E-B / A1-D-A


Portable Structure: Foldable ball basket, telescopic rod, durable big wheels and soft footpad.

Power Type:

12 V built-in battery 20 A
Battery Installation: Built-in fixed
Working Time: 4-5 Hours
Charging Time: 4-5 Hours
Charging Voltage: 110-240 V
Power: 60 W
Operation Mode: Remote Control
Serving: Built-in
Serving Speed: 20-140 km/h
Frequency: 1.8-8 sec/ball
Ball Capacity: 120 balls
Machine Dimensions: 49*37*91 cm
Package Dimensions: 60*46*60 cm
Net Weight: 18 kg
Gross Weight: 23 kg
Accessories: Charger, remote, manual
Remote Range Distance: Half Court


Safety Instructions

1. Keep away from the ball outlet when the machine is running! Keep a distance of at least 7 meters to avoid injury.
2. It is strictly prohibited for minors to operate the machine.
3. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put hands or other objects into the ball basket or inside the machine.
4. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to move or shake the machine.
5. When the machine breaks down, please cut off the power supply. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the machine privately. Please contact the dealer or manufacturer in time.
6. When the machine fails, please cut off the power supply and troubleshoot under the guidance of professionals. It is strictly forbidden to troubleshoot by yourself.
7. It is strictly forbidden to use the tennis ball machine on any occasion other than the tennis court.
8. It is strictly forbidden for the tennis ball machine to use balls other than standard tennis.
9. It is strictly forbidden to use wet, damaged, and low-pressure tennis balls with this tennis ball machine.
10. It is strictly forbidden to use chargers other than the standard equipment of the factory to charge the machine.



1. After each play, the serving wheel must be cleaned up when the power is off to avoid accumulation of dust and residue from the tennis ball on the wheel.
2. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the tennis hairs inside the machine when the power is cut off. Be careful! Avoid damaging the internal parts of the machine.
3. The external surface of the machine can be wiped and cleaned with detergent daily, and it is strictly prohibited to rinse with water! Avoid water damage to the machine.
4.When you do not use the machine for a long time, please make sure to charge and maintain the machine once a month and do a long-term dust-proof maintenance.



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