All You Need to Know About Tenergy Rubbers!

Posted by Avo Moumjoghlian on 14th Feb 2020

The ball trajectory of a topspin shot hit with TENERGY 05  is a pronounced curve, dew to heavy spin. This enables a most precise active topspin play. The trajectory of TENERGY 64 is more flat and low in comparison, resulting in a longer travel distance and higher speed of the ball. The trajectory of TENERGY 80 is exactly in between 05 and 64, as are its playing characteristics.

The main difference between rubbers of the TENERGY series is the complex pimple structure with variations in length, width and distance. The long, thinner pimples of TENERGY 64 enable speed and a softer touch, whereas the broad, short pimples of TENERGY 25 in turn generate a harder and precise touch sensation. The pimple structure of TENERGY 05 is specifically tailored towards high amounts of spin. TENERGY 80 mixes the width of pimples from TENERGY 05 and length of pimples from TENERGY 64, resulting in playing characteristics balanced between TENERGY 05 and TENERGY 64.